Hi I'm Maeo, I am in a relationship with someone who has a different religion than mine. Ask Me Anything.

Sep 12, 2017

I love my partner but for me the differences with our religion is a bit of a big deal because we were born and raise differently, so we have our own beliefs and stand on how a religion should be. Especially me who has been raised by devout parents. I've been hoping a lot that he will come to love my religion not because he needs to, but because he loves me. I believe that love conquers everything!


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You say love is everything. What do you believe is the source of love? 

Sep 12, 11:51PM EDT0

How do your families feel about the relationship?

Sep 12, 11:20PM EDT0

What are the challenges you as a couple are facing?

Sep 12, 11:00PM EDT0

Are love and forgiveness linked?

Sep 12, 3:16PM EDT0

How old were you when you first ever fell in love?

Sep 12, 9:36AM EDT0

How did you managed to tell your family about the person and your relationship

Sep 12, 6:55AM EDT0

I never really tell them vocally, because our families know each other already since we were kids.

Because we actually go to the same school in our elemtary years.

Sep 12, 7:34AM EDT0

So do they actually know that you are together or don't they?

Sep 12, 11:02PM EDT0

How do you handle religious festivities that are important to you?

Sep 12, 1:17AM EDT0

I'm not into religious festivities.

Sep 12, 7:37AM EDT0

Does your religion not have anything like Christmas for example? Do you go to a place of worship?

Sep 12, 11:29PM EDT0

How do you compromise?

Sep 11, 11:32PM EDT0

We just accept each others differences.

Sep 12, 7:43AM EDT0

Good for you! 

Sep 13, 12:08AM EDT0

Why did you choose to enter a long term relationship with someone who has such a radically different religion than you? Religion is important to most people, so why didn't it deter you with the differences? Do you think he will ever change your religion?

Sep 11, 9:03PM EDT0

Maybe because he said that he is willing to change his religion before we enter into our relationship

Sep 12, 7:44AM EDT0

Wow, if that's not a strong message of real commitment then I don't know what is. Wishing you both all the best! 

Sep 13, 12:00AM EDT0

Are your families supportive or do they try and 'convert' you?

Sep 11, 9:03PM EDT0

His family is okay, i guess.

But in my family, they don't agree.

Sep 12, 7:45AM EDT0

That's sad. Maybe they do come round one day. In my personal opinion you need to do what is best for you, it's your life not theirs :)

Sep 12, 11:28PM EDT0

Do you think your religious orientation has an impact on your daily routine and what would that be?

Sep 11, 5:35PM EDT0

Yes because we have a lot of differences, especially in terms of food.

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Sep 12, 7:46AM EDT0

How do you deal with that?

Sep 12, 11:40PM EDT0

Do you try and convince each other that the other one's religion is better?

Sep 11, 5:32PM EDT0

No because we already knew each other since we were kids.

Sep 12, 7:51AM EDT0

That's good. 

Sep 12, 11:48PM EDT0

Have you ever sat down and explained the major points or your religions to each other and what is important to you?

Sep 11, 2:48PM EDT0

Yes there were a couple of times. And he already knew whats important.

Sep 12, 7:56AM EDT0

Good that you can accept each other as you are

Sep 12, 11:25PM EDT0

What religions are you both? Do they differ a lot?

Sep 11, 12:39PM EDT0

Yes a lot.

Sep 12, 8:01AM EDT0

Have you ever argued about religion?

Sep 11, 12:37PM EDT0

No because since kids, we already knew each others family.

Sep 12, 8:05AM EDT0

I understand 

Sep 12, 11:46PM EDT0

What are the biggest issues that you've come across between you so far?

Sep 11, 11:47AM EDT0

Relationship issues but never the religion.

Sep 12, 8:05AM EDT0

So just like a normal ordinary couple. What do you argue about?

Sep 13, 12:16AM EDT0

Do you find yourselves in conflict when it comes to values in life with your partner?

Sep 11, 8:38AM EDT0

Yes sometimes.

Sep 12, 8:06AM EDT0

Do you think that this could become an issue at one point?

Sep 12, 11:49PM EDT0

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Sep 11, 6:50AM EDT0

I don't think so.

Sep 12, 8:06AM EDT0

Why not?

Sep 12, 11:23PM EDT0

Where's a good place to start when searching for the love of your life?

Sep 11, 4:28AM EDT0

I don't have any idea maybe because it has no specific place to find the love of your life.

Sep 12, 8:08AM EDT0

Ah ok

Sep 12, 11:14PM EDT0

Don't you believe that regardless of religion that whichever deity you may place faith in would be happy that there is love between two people?

Sep 11, 3:13AM EDT0

Yes i do believe.

Sep 12, 8:18AM EDT0

That's good, wishing you all the best!

Sep 12, 11:22PM EDT0

What makes the perfect loving relationship (not necessarily romantic)?

Sep 11, 2:39AM EDT0

I guess there's no such thing as perfect loving relationship, but accepting each others strength and weaknesses can make your relationship last long.

Sep 12, 8:14AM EDT0

I agree, there's always ups and downs in any relationship

Sep 13, 12:27AM EDT0

Would you ever turn away from your religion for your partner?

Sep 11, 1:42AM EDT0


Sep 12, 8:14AM EDT0

Who has the stronger religious views and how does this affect your relationship?

Sep 11, 1:32AM EDT0

Maybe mine, because our religion has a lot of differences.

Sep 12, 8:15AM EDT0

Is it really important to love yourself first before you can truly love another?

Sep 10, 10:26PM EDT0

Yes it is really important to love yourself first in terms of romantic relationship.

Sep 12, 8:17AM EDT0

Absolutely agree with you on that one! 

Sep 13, 2:46AM EDT0
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