What is AMA?

An AMA, or Ask Me Anything, Event is basically a live interview of a "host." The host creates a headline or topic describing who they are and what they know or what they do – and what they are willing to speak about in the following format:

 My name is _____. I am _____ in ____.  I like to or I do   ____.  Ask Me Anything.

For example: My name is Joe Smith. I am a celebrity trainer in Venice Beach, California. I get actors and actresses in great shape in short periods of time for major parts. Ask Me Anything.

Community members, also known as guests, submit questions and have the opportunity to vote on other submitted questions they would like to see answered by the host.

An AMA Event largely revolves around the context between the person and the questions. Those questions that garner the most votes rise to the top of the submitted questions queue so the host can see which questions are most popular with her or his guests. The host can respond to the questions he or she would like to answer – and in the order he or she prefers.

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Who can host an AMA Event ?

Anyone with something to say or share can host an AMA Event!

The only thing we ask is that, in keeping with our beliefs that an AMA Event should be informative, educational and even entertaining, but never condescending or critical to guests.

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How do I get started?

Whether you’ve joined as a host or a guest – you may eventually want to be both – we recommend your profile includes a short bio, as well as a sampling of your professional and educational background. This information allows other AMA Event guests to appreciate your knowledge and experience in one or more subject areas.

We also encourage that you submit proof. This reassures others that you are who you say you are as well as opens other opportunities that we provide to those who have submitted proof. Haven’t done this yet? No problem -Click here.

If you decide to be a host, click the Create AMA button in the upper right corner of the site.

Next, be sure to include topic keywords in your AMA Event title or headline. Keywords include things like fitness, exercise, strength training, diet, nutrition, food and wellness. You may want to include additional information, such as your time frame for answering questions. At least one hour is the traditional length for an AMA Event, but others have gone on much longer.

So, your first scheduled AMA Event may look something like this:

My name is Joe Smith. I am a celebrity trainer in Venice Beach, California. I get actors and actresses in great shape in short periods of time for major parts. I will provide some tips today. Ask Me Anything.


How do I create an AMA Event?

Start with something interesting about you or your line of work that you believe people would be interested in hearing about. Scan these four simple guidelines and you’re well on your way for your AMA Event.

1.       Simply click the Create AMA button in the upper right corner of the site and fill in the information requested.


2.      Share the link that we provide you with all your contacts, Facebook friends, people who have liked your page, Twitter followers, LinkedIn contacts, etc. The more people to attend your AMA Event, the more successful it will be.


3.      Check your emails regularly. We will provide you with information to create an entire campaign before, during and after your AMA Event so you can create the most successful AMA Event possible.


4.     Have fun and be flexible – and please be willing to share details about yourself that you didn’t think people would be interested in.


Note that proof adds legitimacy to your topic and it may be requested by your AMA guests. For more on Proof, Click here.

What kind of “proof” should I submit?

Proof is anything that a reasonable person would believe validates your claim.

Your proof enables community members to trust that you’re telling the truth about who you are and what you are saying. Proof adds legitimacy to your topic.

Whatever you submit as proof will be posted, so please read more on proof.


How much does it cost to host an AMA Event?

Nothing! Nada! Zip! Zero! In other words, IT’S FREE!


How much does it cost to participate in an AMA Event and ask questions?

Nothing! Nada! Zip! Zero! In other words, IT’S FREE!


What topics are allowed?

The possibilities are endless. You can choose something which you know a lot about as a professional, such as fitness if you are a fitness trainer, diet if you are a dietitian or nutritionist, or even cooking if you are a chef.

It could also be something that you do as an avid enthusiast or hobbyist. You may not be a tennis pro, but if you've been playing the game and following the sport for a number of years,  you qualify to share your passion in an AMA Event.

Simply put,  your topic should be something that you know thoroughly and feel is important to you.

You can also host an AMA Event that is based upon an interesting experience you’ve had or an event you attended. For example:

"I just learned how to fly on a trapeze! AMA”

Just be sure that your topic involved something you’ve done and not something you’d like to do.


What topics should I avoid?

If you come up with an idea and then search to find that there have already been dozens of AMA Events on the same idea--, such as "I've lost 50 pounds. AMA." -you should reword your headline and rethink your approach or choose a different topic.

For instance, you could reword it to say something like, “I’ve discovered the secret of major weight loss. AMA.” Or, maybe you go with something like “I’ve learned which foods boost weight loss. AMA.”

Or choose a new approach, such as “I learned to love my scale. AMA.”

NEVER use someone else’s previously published material to answer questions without attributing it to the original author. That’s plagiarism and it’s completely unacceptable.

Please refrain from using an AMA Event solely for raising money or directing guests to a crowdfunding link or product. Depending on your AMA Event , it may be acceptable for you to mention a crowdfunding site if it is for a cause. Causes, not cash – that’s the best approach.

Also, please don't submit an AMA topic merely to "see if there's interest." If you feel strongly about your AMA Event topic, post it and have faith others will be on board with you and your idea. If you host an AMA Event and only a few people turn out for it, so what? Consider it a lesson learned and rework your AMA Event . Meanwhile have fun with the hardy few who have come to hear what you have to say. Some of the best experiences come from interacting with a smaller crowd. 

Why should I host an AMA Event?

An AMA Event provides you with the opportunity to stand out as knowledgeable and authentic. You’re an authority who is open and transparent with your knowledge and passion for your topic. It costs nothing to host an AMA Event , but this small investment of your time can lead to major dividends for your cause. Appearing on one of our channels exposes you to a large community of people that may also be interested in what you have to say.

Perhaps the question shouldn’t be, “Why should I host an AMA?” The better question here is, “Why shouldn’t I host an AMA?” We think it’s a no-brainer – we’re offering free exposure for you and your topic and, in some cases, access to a whole new audience.”

An AMA Event allows you to create and personalize an AMA Event profile page. This is a place where you will appear authentic, knowledgeable and passionate on a topic or topics.

AMAs provide you the opportunity to interact with like-minded individuals. Some of your guests have been searching for information on the subject you are presenting. Others are intrigued by your topic – and ready to follow your lead.

We think the back-and-forth offered by the AMA Event approach is a fun, informative way to meet new people and learn new things. As the host, you have the power to persuade. All we ask is that you use that power wisely.

So how does this voting thing work?

As a member of our community, you get to vote in two ways.

First, community members can vote on which questions they like. We have it set up so the most popular questions as voted on by guests like you will appear at the top of the comment section of the AMA Event. This gives the host a good idea as to what information is most important to his or her guests.

Second, you also get the chance to determine which compelling, informative, impactful, interesting, entertaining, groundbreaking or funny AMAs rise to the top the of the Most Popular list. That ranking is based on what we consider your “up votes.”

It’s important to note that we do not offer “down votes.”  If you don’t care for a particular topic or host, you have the right to abstain from voting. If the majority of your peers share the same feelings, a low number of votes will drag the AMA Event down the list.

What is the content policy?


AMAfeed is a place where hosts and guests can gather without fear of judgment or criticism to discuss and share ideas. We want everyone to feel welcome and safe, so we need to follow a few rules about content.

We love the free exchange of ideas. We don’t tolerate things that are:

·        Against the law

·        Pornographic

·        Incendiary

·        Threatening

·        Bullying

·        Confidential and not yours to reveal (such as another’s personal address)

·        Deception

·        Veiled attempts to solicit money

What are "Requests" and how do I make one?


"Requests" are submissions from guests who would like to see a certain individual– such as: an expert, celebrity or public figure – host an AMA Event.

NOTE: If your requested host has a public means of contact – like a Twitter page, Facebook page, or website, please include it.

Submitting a request is easy. Go to Request AMA, on the top right of the page.

That’s about it. We will take care of the rest.

How does scheduling a AMA Event works?

AMA Event  must be scheduled at least 24 hrs before it starts. When you click CreateAMA (top right-hand corner) you will be prompted to describe the AMA Event as well as schedule the start time of your AMA Event event.

How long does an AMA Event run?

The traditional AMA Event runs at least one hour, but it can last longer. The maximum time is 48 hours. Once the set time expires, the door is closed and no further questions will be accepted.

All AMA Events are archived so those unable to make a certain time for the live event will still have the chance to see what they missed.